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We are a diverse and active group

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Meeting and Mixing

Primary and election times are very important to us all. That's why we get together to discuss the issues especially during elections. All points of view are expressed and appreciated.

Republican Candidate for Senate

Meeting the candidates

A Republican candidate for U. S. Senate addresses our district about the issues facing California and America.
We are able to ask questions and discuss areas that are important to us, our lives, our country.

Joining the parade

We all come out for a parade, especially if it honors America, our history and our patriots. We let them know we are here and paying attention.

Spreading the word

Educating our members and others

We support those who devote themselves to educating and teaching us. Not only do our educational events inform us, but it arms us with information to inform others. Hopefully we can persuade them with facts that Republicans stand for them.


A Map of the 62nd AD District

We've included a map of the district as well as a link to the map so you can enlarge it and see if this is your district. You can also search for additional information, including Congressional, Senate, Assembly and BOE districts. Our IMPORTANT LINKS will connect you to other districts you may be part of. We hope you will get involved in your District and work with us to make government work better for all of us.

The areas served by the 62n AD are as follows:

Los Angeles County

  • Del Aire
  • El Segundo
  • Gardena 
  • Hawthorne
  • Inglewood 
  • Lawndale
  • Lennox
  • City of Los Angeles 
    • Venice
    • Westchester
    • West Athens
    • Westmont
  • Marina del Rey

Interactive Map of 62nd Assembly District