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Officers, Members and Alternate Members

62nd AD Republican Committee Office Location:

8828 Pershing Dr, # 108
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 486-5735


Chairman: Maureen Johnson
First Vice Chairman: Gary Aminoff
Second Vice Chairman: Julius Wilson
Secretary: Denny Schneider
Treasurer: Barbara Ford

Elected Members:

Gary Aminoff
Carl F. Davis, Jr.
Barbara Ford
Ted Grose
Maureen Johnson
Marc Rener
Julius Wilson

Ex-Officio Members:

Marco (Tony) Leal
Dr. Kenneth Wright


Michael Jabbra [Grose]
Reece Pollack [Davis]
Denny Schneider [Aminoff]
Doug Smith [Johnson]
James Spencer [Ford]
John David Webster [Wilson]
Dan Reid [Rener]