HELP US REACH OUT! Make sure we continue to get our message out.
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We need your support to make a difference for California.

That means assisting us get our message out so we can help other Californians see why the Republican way is a better way. This means getting our candidates elected for every office, from the School Board to the Senate. We MUST  take back every office that affects our way of life.

Here’s how our donations work for all of us…

Funds are needed for mailing, servers, systems, phones, posters, printing and so may other items. Without your help, we can’t do the things that MUST be done.  

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We’d love to meet you. So come to our meetings, share your thoughts and volunteer whenever you can.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and participation.

Maureen Johnson, Chairman

Phone: 310-486-5735